Assign Forms to Individuals

I think it would be a tremendous advantage to be able to assign forms to people in the system. The assigned form would then be emailed and appear on their dashboard for easy access and entry. I think the assignment would also need an expiry date for those chose not to respond.

This would make the form very easy to find. One could assign an event form to everyone in the system that they could easily find right on their dashboard until filled out, and with the expiry date would automatically disappear for keeping information relevant. 

I also see forms as very valuable for online staff training. Let's say there are (7) training modules for a particular position, a new volunteer could be assigned the (7) forms/modules and could easily see what steps are left and easily move from one to the next.

This differs from people flow, in that, people flows operate in the background --  this gets the required action out front, where the individual can easily respond. Likely, I would support these forms with people flows.

Additionally, it would be nice to have automatic reminder options set for those who have incomplete forms.

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Sounds like a good idea. I'll make sure to include your vote for our feature requests area for a review next year.


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