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With Contacting volunteers that have been rostered onto a service, at the moment if you want to email a full roster to the volunteers you need to export the roster - save it and then attach it.  Is there a way for Elvanto to automatically provide the option to attach a roster when contacting volunteers?

At the same time is there an ability to Title the Roster - at the moment there is no way to place a Title into the PDF.  It would also be advantageous to have an ability to add notes to the Roster.  And for this to be available on both the report and what I've outlined above.

I know I don't ask for much...  Those few small things would make the process that bit more seamless from beginning to end when creating and communicating rosters.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Hi Kristy,

Can you send me through a copy of what you usually would send out? I'll see what I can do to make this a little more seamless.

Thanks in advance,


Hannah this is the forum I emailed you about yesterday.  Thought it easier to flag it this way. Let me know if you need anything else.


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