Tracking Sunday School Attendance with Check-in

Hi everyone. We're new to Elvanto and currently recording Sunday School attendance manually using group reporting. I would like to utilize the check-in feature for at least some of our classes. We would probably have a central desk that would check all children in. 

Should we stick with using groups even though check-in doesn't work with groups? 

Should we possibly create a room for every class and then check everyone into that room as they come in? If we do that, is there a way to transfer that attendance somehow to a group report for better tracking?

Just looking for some best practices. Thanks!

Hi Jedidiah,

Not sure if I've spoken with you about this before, but we're looking at integrating Check-in and groups in a future update. I'll be sure to pass on your interest to see it completed. 

Currently there's no easy way to transfer room attendance into groups, so if the Check-in feature isn't vital to your School attendance, I'd work with groups to track attendance.

Hope this helps you,


Hi Jedidiah, just thought I'd share what we do.  We have created rooms for each of our children's programs and placed the demographics into those rooms.  From there when we use the checkin feature the children are automatically assigned to the rooms to which they belong.

It works great for us.

Thank you, Kristy. Do you use Groups at all or only services? 

Hi Jedidiah

For our children's ministry as it is all structured by ages / school years we only use checkin for our weekend attendance.  We don't use groups at all.

If however, we want to look at a particular group of children we have multiple people views that can pull out by school year, demographic and any other criteria we have recorded.

It works for us due to our size but I could see how groups could assist to.

Hope this helps.


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