Add Date Added field to personal profile

I know we can run reports to find out when people were added to the database. However, could you provide us the option of adding the internal "Date Added" field to the personal profile. This would help in building a history of the person in relationship to the church.


Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the idea, I can see how this would be helpful!

I'll put this forward to be looked at adding in the next update.



I was just looking to see if anyone had mentioned this already. +1 from me for this feature

Any update on the integration of this request?

Hi Pablo,

No updates. The limitation with the addition of the field at this stage is that it would not be editable, a field type we have not yet allowed in the system. When we look at adding this, I'll be sure to pass on this feedback.




To clarify, I don't wanted to be editable, I just wanted to show up in the profile so we can identify when the person was added.

Just throwing it out there.

The field is available in the Activity Tab as you can see the date when someone is added.  Does that achieve what you are looking for or is it having it specifically on the People tab.

The only time this doesn't match is when there has been an import.  Are you wanting the field to be updatable in an import?

Just another thought.


Having it on the people tab would be better. We would use it for helping us get a picture of the history of the interaction with the church.

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