Adult Check in only

Two requests:

  • I would like to have the option to check in adults only.
  • To have the print button not show for a particular service check in. We have events in which we don't need to print a label. In such cases we don't have the button to appear.

Great idea! I've added your votes for these two feature requests for a future update.



I'd like to take this a little further and be able to specify the checkin by demographic - ie. child, youth, adult... 

I'd like to add a vote for both of these things :-)

We use check in for kids church on Sunday with labels, youth on Friday without labels and young adults events without labels and apart from wanting to search within one demographic only, the fact that the button says finish and print labels at events without labels often causes confusion.


Hey Singe

I've added your support to this request.


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