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Hi all

As we have multiple locations and also multiple service types it would be great if we could literally hide Departments that are not relevant to a service type or location.  At the moment they are still displayed but you can't do anything with them.  We really need them to be totally hidden from view against the service if that is what has been defined against the Service Type. If required they can be reactivated in the Service Type at any time.

Would really appreciate your help with this as the number of Departments are growing and making it difficult to manage.



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Hi Kristy,

Thanks for letting us know. If we create the ability for your to assign departments to 'locations', would this help? Another sub-idea is to only show the departments for the particular 'location' that the 'service type' has been created for.

If this idea is implemented, then you can essentially have departments created for 'all locations' or 'specific locations', and to show departments that are relevant for the location when creating a service type.

Let me know if this makes sense, or if I've confused you.


Hi Chris

For me I would love it if Departments had the ability to be defined for 1 or multiple locations. There are times when a Department is used by multiple locations if the setup matches.  This would assist with the ever growing list of Departments to filter from and also those listed in the Account page that you assign a person to.  Location lockdown could kick in and only display those relevant to the user / person.

But this is a bit of an add-on...

With regards to your suggestion I would think that if I specify a Department to be hidden within the Service Type when I look at services attached to that service type that it would be totally hidden from view.  This would remove the ever growing list of Departments that are listed when doing rosters.

Does this make sense?


This would also be handy for us at Diamond Valley; we have a big list of Departments and many of them (eg Tennis Club Volunteers) will never be relevant for a service. If we could hide these (or at least send them to the bottom of the list) this would help.


Hi Doug,

Thanks for the comment.

When you edit a Service Type, you can go into the "Departments" tab and specify which departments and/or positions are needed, or are simply not required for that particular service type.

This service type on our demo church has a good example of this. 


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