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I need help understanding the way the Group schedule on the calendar works.

We have an "events" calendar that is our default for church events.  When we setup Life Groups, inside the details of each group, we set the day, time, frequency, and location of their meetings.  Those show up now on a separate "groups" calendar.  But on the left side view of the group you see no upcoming events for that group.  If you create a group event, that meeting shows up on the Events calendar.

I have tried to subscribe to the groups calendar in iCal just like I do the events calendar but it doesn't show up the regular meetings.

Please help me understand if I am doing something incorrectly.


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Hey Robert.

That's unfortunate to hear, I have passed this forward to our developers to have a look at. 

I will reply once I have more information about this.


Hey Robert.

We've done a bit of testing with this and would just like to ask you a few questions to help clarify what might be going wrong.

  • Which group are you experiencing this issue with?
  • Which calendar are you looking at? IE, are you looking at the Calendar in the Members area, or the calendar in the Admin area?
Feel free to email with these details if you're uncomfortable posting these details on the forums.

Thanks, Stewart

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