Volunteers at Events

Is it possible to schedule volunteers for events that aren't worship services? We're hoping to use the volunteer scheduling to help plan the meal team for our weekly youth dinner, for kids ministry during adult small groups, etc. We'll certainly be using for worship services, but it would be great to attach volunteers to events as well. Is this possible?

This would be great for Groups as well. Although it could just be associated with the events for a group. For example, our Mothers of Preschoolers group needs several people rostered each time they meet. They schedule two nursery workers and two leaders for the programming for older children.

I'm realizing that this is most likely a feature request rather than a question about services. It might be better moved to that forum.

Hello there Matt.

If you are using a 'Service type' to schedule the events, it is indeed possible to roster these positions on.

Simply create a Service type, and when editing it's details, simply hide the departments and positions that are not relevant to this service type.

Note, that you have to create the service type first, and then edit it to remove the un-needed positions. 

You can then create an event for your weekly youth dinner, the same as a normal worship service.

As for groups, that will certainly have to be a feature request as currently group events can't align to a service plan or have volunteers attached.

Hope this helps,


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