Rostering For Events

It would be great to be able to schedule volunteers to serve in ministry centered around events rather than worship times. Right now we're going to be creating service types for the variety of ministries we have happening throughout the week, but it would be best if people could be scheduled for an event in addition to a service. We schedule teams to work youth discipleship meetings, church dinners, childcare for adult ministry events and a variety of other events. 

It would be great if a group leader could schedule a meeting/event for the group and at the same time enter the required support teams needed for that event. 

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Hi Matt

Thanks for the idea. I have put this forward to the developers to see what they can do.

Hope this helps.




A service is also an event. Today they are handled differently and this makes software more complicated and less flexible. I would suggest to combine the functionalities of events and services and let the users decide, where they need functionalities (for example rostering) and where not.

Services vs events logically makes sense if you're looking at a type of service, however, volunteers are needed for both. I like the idea of combining the features into "Events".

Since forms allow for event registration, I thought I would see the option to add "sign up to volunteer" in a form as well. 

I'm not quite following how people can volunteer using the system, but all types of scenarios should be available.

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