Teams in API

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere (I can't find it!)

Is it possible to use the API to access team and sub-team information?

We plan to use the API to pull group details to automatically update our mailing lists (Google Apps) but it would be great if we could also pull person details for some of our teams to achieve the same result.

Many thanks.

Hi Alistair.

The closest thing the API currently supports is department information, but doesn't support service teams. 

If you're wishing to update your mailing lists for departments and not service teams, you can go about this a number of  ways. 

One would be to use a standard people/getAll statement to get the entire list of people, with the field "departments" and then to filter the results to those that have department information attached. How you filter this exactly would depend on what language you are using.

Have a read of the people/getAll call here. 

Another possible way is to do a people/search call for people that are listed as volunteers, and then again filter the results to get the details for people with department information again. Unfortunately searching for department information is not currently supported. 

Have a read of the people/search call here.

Hope this helps,


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