Integration with Vanco

We're getting ready to launch both Elvanto and online giving via Vanco. I've looked through their APIs and I think pulling data should be relatively easy. Vanco is the partner provider for EFT and credit card processing for United Methodist churches. 

They're in the process of rebranding everything, but the legacy API info is available here:


The new 2015 APIs will be published here:


It would be great if Elvanto could generate reports out of the Vanco data for batches and transactions. Short term we may just use their CSV data or build a gateway using both sets of APIs to migrate data.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the great suggestion - I'll mention something to our developers for your interest and see what they're thoughts are with this :)

I'll also add your vote for the feature integration as well.



Please add my vote for the feature integration.

Hi Evelyn.

I've added your vote to this.

Hope this helps,


Stewart - Just wanted to check and see if there was any progress on this integration. Vanco let me know that they were in conversations with you.

Hi Matt

We have been in touch with Vanco, and will hopefully be working on this with them after V2 is released.


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