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Hi all

With the group Position Titles you have the ability to create as many titles as you like but only the "Leader" position is linked to Access Permissions whereby you can grant access to groups they lead.

I know I have raised this before (A while ago) but is there any way to expand on the Position Titles to have the ability to define a title as a "leader" position for the purposes of access permissions but that it is clear that the position title is different.

Here is an example.  We have our Small Groups of which in each group there is a leader, however there is also a person in the role of "Oversight" and they also need to be able to see the group.  Unless I define both positions as Leader there is no way for that person to see the groups they oversee.

In Group Categories you can define the positions for that category.  Leader is delivered and we can add / create whatever else we would like.  At the point of creating the position I would like to have it defined that it is a "leadership" position for the sake of access permissions - access to a group that a person leads...

Not sure if I am alone if this but it would definitely be of value for us.

Hi Kristy.

This sounds like a great idea. I've passed this along to the developers to have a look at as a feature request. For now though, you can create an access permission that gives people the ability to see people within their groups they are member in. That being said, this will allow them to see the people for all the groups they are in. 

Hope this helps,


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