Adding new people via check-in

 Hi all

Is it possible to make certain fields required when adding new people/families during the check-in process? 

The situation: a new person arrives at church and we want to add them to the system immediately during our reporting attendance process for a service. There is some information that we would like to be required though when adding a new person - like whether the person is male/female and their demographic (adult/child). Is there a way to do this using the check-in function; or is the only way to do this to use a form or add a new person using the People>add new person tab?


Hi Amanda.

If you view the field you wish to be compulsory while editing a people category, you can set it to be mandatory and must be filled in. Note this only applies to the default Elvanto fields and not custom fields. You can however set custom fields to be editable upon the check in.

For total control over ensuring specific fields are filled in when registering, forms are definitely the best method.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart
Fields that are set to mandatory are only forced when someone enters a new person's details via People>add new person. If you are adding new people from check-in or service reporting however, it doesn't make any field mandatory. Is there any way to make fields mandatory when adding new people at check-in?


Hi Amanda.

Sorry for the late reply.

I've passed this forwarded to the developers as a feature request for now.

Hope this helps,


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