Group attendance reporting - reminder emails to leaders - group report settings

Hi elvanto brains trust, 

I'm setting up automated reminder emails to group leaders to have them record their group attendance online.  

I have a couple of questions that I thought may be helpful for others later, so posting here for the sake of general edification. 

1. Who gets the emails? 

I have some groups with multiple designated leaders.  I also have groups with designated leaders and assistant leaders. 

Does the automated email go to all leaders of each group in the category with reminders set? Do assistant leaders also get the email? 

2. Reminders in the case of multiple leaders

If multiple leaders of the same group receive the 'please complete a group report' email, once someone (any of them) has completed the report, do the trailing reminders stop to all leaders?  Or only for the leader who actually filled in the report?  What does a second leader see if they click their email link to fill in the report after someone else has already done it for their group?  

3. Settings > Group Settings > Group report Settings

Have I correctly understood that if I add anything in this section, it appears as additional 'custom' reporting fields on the auto-generated attendance report?  (ie; if this section of my settings page is blank, a standard attendance report with all the group member names etc still goes out.  If this section is populated the standard report has the extra fields I've added here at the bottom). 

Would also be helpful to have a couple of examples of what the 4 options (Heading, Reporting, Notes, Separator) end up looking like on the form - maybe over here

Many thanks,


Hi Anna

Thanks for the post/

  1. All team leaders are sent the email, including assistant leaders
  2. Whenever one leader fills the report in, it no longer continues to send the emails to other members. If a second leader clicks the link to fill in the report, they will be able to see that the report has already been submitted.
  3. You are on the right track. These settings will give you additional columns that you can add to reports, but are not added by default. I have updated the documents to include an example of some custom fields, and how they appear when reporting and in a report.

Hope this helps,

That's great. Thank you Stewart. 

The extra info / examples of custom reporting fields on the help page is helpful! 


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