Group Report Button from Group Page

The usual way to get a report would be to go to the Group report page, set your parameters, get your report. In reality most of the time I am looking first at the group's page, if I cant get the info I need from there, then I might go to get a report. 

I would like a Report button in the group's page. This button could take me directly to the group report with this group as the parameter, I could then choose some of the other parameters I would want.

Better yet, if I could set the kinds of reports with the parameters I want and have them as buttons on the Blue vertical bar of the group's page would be great. It would save time because many of the leaders can not follow logistics in setting a report how they want it.


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Hi Pablo

Thanks for the email.

This sounds like a very useful tool. I've passed this along to the developers as a feature request. 

Hope this helps, 


Hi, just wondering if there is any progress on this feature?

Hi Thomas

Nothing at this stage. I will add your support to this request though.


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