Columns in Groups Page

The usual columns shown on the group profile are Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Position.

I would like the option to choose which columns to have. 

Here is a case: for our kids groups, we don't have:

  • a phone number, 
  • email address, 
  • mobile number or 
  • position. 
But we do want:

  • Age, birthday
  • Parent's name and picture,
  • Parent's phone

One way to handle the position columns is to split the screen horizontally with all the leaders at the begining and then all the others below the split. By having the ability to choose the columns for the leaders and the members below we can have the proper info we need quickly at hand. Here is a sketch.

   NAME            EMAIL ADDRESS          PHONE NUMBER            MOBILE NUMBER        POSITION

Leader 1               ???????????                ?????????????                 ????????????             ?????????

Leader 2               ???????????                ?????????????                 ????????????             ?????????


   NAME                  AGE          BIRTHDAY      PARENT 1               MOBILE 1               PARENT 2               MOBILE 2 

Picture&Kid 1          7 yrs            2/6/2008      Picture&Name            ????????              Picture&Name            ????????

Picture&Kid 2          7 yrs            2/6/2008      Picture&Name            ????????              Picture&Name            ????????


Hi Pablo.

The developers are currently looking at a few different ways we can display information, specifically for groups and children.

I'll pass this along to them to have a look at as well.

Thanks for the idea,


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