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We have a couple of people serving during weekly events at church that are not part of a church service (e.g. looking after the kids at the ladies bible study) and I'd like to use Elvanto to enable people to volunteer to serve on a particular week. Is there a way I can do this on Elvanto? The only way I've thought to do this is to create a recurring event, and then invite all potential volunteers and ask them to register for the event where they can serve - but this might not be very intuitive for the end-user. Anyone have a better idea?



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Hi Amanda

Thanks for the email.

A possible way to do this would be to create the recurring events as you've described, and then you can create a form where people register for these events. You can then simply have a link to this form saved to the member area, linked from your website, or even embedded into your website.

Hope this helps,


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