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I've spend many hours playing with Elvanto's reports. I can't quite get it to produce the report I want.

I have attached an excel spreadsheet, with the desired information output. I'd like to produce an Elvanto report with all that information (though it doesn't have to be formatted exactly the same way). Or as close to that as possible.

I'm happy to be pointed in the direction of examples/instructions.


Hi Tristan.

We're planning on releasing an update some time this week to the 'Service Individual Attendance Report' that will be able to do a lot of what you're asking for, although any of the calculated fields such as '% attended' etc can not be performed within Elvanto. Here's a quick example of what will be possible. You can then export these reports to generate the calculated fields that Elvanto can't currently generate.

It would be possible to do a comprehensive report with the 'Service Individual Attendance Report' and the 'Service Reporting Statistics' report, and this will enable you to generate a report that looks like this. These comprehensive reports can't be exported as Excel files however, so you'll have to export the individual reports separately to get the exact report you're looking for.

Hope this all helps,


Thanks Stewart, that's helpful!

Just asking the question Stewart.  It is great that the group is listed but will it be possible to run the report by group???


Hi Kristy

There is a feature request currently to mirror the Service Individual Attendance report into the Group Individual Attendance report as well, with all the same features, except ones that only connect to Services etc.

I've added your support to this for you.

Hi Stewart

Not sure if I have understood correctly.

The group report that is being created to mirror the service report will allow per group to be reported on and will ONLY show service attendance for that group?

How about in reverse - there is also the need to be able to report by group on true group attendance and have services excluded...

Will both scenarios be captured?

Love that this is being worked on.


Hey Kristy

Currently there is a request in, to update the existing Group Individual Attendance report, so that it contains the same features as the Service Individual Attendance Report.


  • The Attended/Did not attend at least X services
  • Placing the additional columns at the beginning of the report, not at the end.

This will then allow you run the Group Attendance report with similar capabilities of the service individual attendance report, but reporting on group meeting attendance instead of service attendance. Group attendance reports though can be linked to services, so you'd end up reporting on both at the same time.

Hope this clears it up.

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