Submit Unavailability - For family

Currently when people submit availabilities they can only submit their own. This means if their family is away, each member of the family needs to log into elvanto and submit their unavailability.

Is it possible to have a check-box on the "Submit Unavailability form" that would allow family members to be included.




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Hi Ben

Thanks for the post.

There's an existing feature request for this, and I've added your support and vote to the request.

Hope this helps,


Yes please add my vote to this also.


I have added your support for this Kristy.

I came into the forums just now to request this! Please add my vote. 

I have added your support Murray!

Yes please this would be very helpful

Hi Graeme.

I have added your vote as well.

This would be super handy, also liked another persons idea about admins being able to add volunteer unavailability there's always a few computer illiterate folks :)

Hi Justin.

I've added your support to the feature request for the families.

Currently, if you go to Services > Volunteers > Unavailable Volunteers, a blue button appears on the top right, reading 'Add New Unavailability' which allows you to submit the unavailability for those that can't use computers.

Hope this helps

Another vote in favour. We have just started using Elvanto and about to do our first set of rosters. It would be an enormous help if people could submit unavailability at least for their spouse, if not for a whole family.


Oh hey, this is on page two!

I've added your support Dane.

Definitely 1 on this!!!

However if possible, rather than have a global "Apply to Household" box, it would be more helpful if the person submitting could choose which family members to apply it to. I'm specifically thinking of the situation where parents are going away, but their teenage/young adult children (who are volunteers) are still around and available.

As an update for those interested in this. 

We are hoping to look into this in the near future :)


Very muchly looking forward to this on behalf of the families at church

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