Regular group meeting functionality

 Hi Elvanto team

Some suggestions for improvements to setting up regular group events:

  • allow changes to venue or more than 1 venue (e.g. group alternates between 2 locations)
  • allow changes to one occurrence of a meeting date (e.g. group meets on the first Tuesday of the month except when that Tuesday is a public holiday)
  • be able to send out text (sms) reminders to group members (either automated or with the click of a button)
  • be able to roster group members for things such as bringing a meal
  • invite someone to a regular group meeting (e.g. someone new comes along to church and would like to try out a bible study group - it would be great to send that person an invitation to the group with meeting venue, time, and leader's contact details)

Thank you!


Hey Amanda,

Thanks for sending these through!

A number of these are high on our priority list for a future groups update, so I've passed on your feedback and interest on to the developers.

If there's anything else I can do for you, let me know!


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