Group position as search field

Hi there, 

A couple of times recently I've found it would have been useful to be able to use people's position in a group as a search field. 

Eg: Give me all the people who are designated leaders in this list of groups.

Or, Give me all the people who are not leaders in these groups. 

(I've just spent a very short time pondering the logistics of that, and realised it's not at all trivial...)

Any thoughts on whether there's an easy way for me to pull this kind of information out using existing search / sort / filter tools?



Hi Anna.

There's a few ways you can do this.

If you're wanting to do a search for a leaders of a list of groups, you can simply do an advanced search with the filter of 'Groups > Is leader of > {group names}'

Alternatively, you can do a Group People report, and specify the position and group categories you're wanting to report on. This is limited to only the one position at a time however.

Hope this helps.

Yes! This certainly helps. 

I had been looking in the first search box (Groups, Groups Status, Groups category... etc) without studying the second closely enough. 

Thanks again Stewart!

I was just about to add this as a feature request. The above work around does work for reports, but what I'm trying to do is a mass change of just a custom group position (the position is "Care Coordinator"). If I could do a search for it, I can make the change, but the report only gives me a list.

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