Potential Bug in Help Text Popup for fields?

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone else can replicate this unexpected behaviour that I'm seeing when attempting to show help text when users are entering information in their 'My Account' page.

Unless the Access Permissions for a user includes: Admin Area->View People's Profiles->Edit People's Details, they are unable to display the help text [?] popup when attempting to enter information in their 'My Account' page - it simply is not visible. It does not matter whether the field is an inbuilt field, or a custom field - the help text will not display.

Is this expected behaviour? Obviously, we want people to be able to update their own details (including custom fields we have created in their people category), without the need for them to have Admin access to edit other people's details.

(I've included a PDF with screenshots to demonstrate what I am experiencing)

Kind regards,


(415 KB)

Hi Kevin,

Seems that there was a small bug in the coding - want to give it another look now with the desired access permissions?

Let me know how you go,


Hi Hannah

Yes, that's fixed it - brilliant! And I'm very impressed at how quickly you responded and resolved this little issue, you guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!



Glad we could help!

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