Making Groups dynamic and dependant

Is there a way to make groups dependant and dynamic?

For example, can you include all "Sunday School teachers" in the group "Working With Children Card", so that if a person is added to the SS roster, they are automatically added to the "Working with Children Card" group too?

TIA, Graeme

Hi Graeme

Thanks for the question.

Currently the only way to do this, would be to use a people flow to add them to both the department position, and the group at the same time. 

Ie, if you have a 'Start working with Kids' people flow you could have a number of steps, ie, for checking they have the correct WWC credentials, etc, and in a final step you can have the group actions to add them to both the group and the department at the same time.

I'm certain someone else could think of another way of doing this, but there is currently no in built way to automatically add/remove people from a group dependant on what department/positions they hold. I've submitted a feature request for this though.

Hope this helps,


We actually do things a little differently.  Not sure if it will help but thought I'd share.

I have created fields against the People tab - Under 18, WWCC Notice no., WWCC Expiry Date, Police Clearance No. Police Clearance Issue date..

From here I use the groups / departments to which people are attached and run regular reports to have it highlighted who has or who is due to expire with their WWCC.

I found it too cumbersome to maintain multiple groups and also a number of our people serve in multiple areas so I wanted to make it as streamlined as possible.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Hi Kirsty,

We have started down that road with the extra fields, but i had not thought of department based reports.

What you're saying is to create a report "All people in Department X for whom the WWCC field is blank".

That also solves another problem: reporting to department heads about who is not checked, and babalncing that with confidentiality. Now department heads only see those in their department.


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