Report on Access Permissions

It would be really good if we could have a report that allowed us to at a glance see all our access permissions and what each one grants access to.

I'm thinking something that lists the access areas down the right hand side and then across the top all access permissions are listed.  Against each grid it would indicate the type of access granted for that access permission to that access area....

it would need to be landscape - maybe even A3 depending on the number of Access Permissions so maybe some flexibility in that.

Also it would be great to specify "include all" access permissions or have the ability to cross check some.

This would just make it a whole lot easier when monitoring who has access to what and in ensuring everything is actually specified as required.

Hi Kristy

Thanks for the suggestion!

That would definitely make it easier to see who would have access to what features.

I've submitted this as a feature request for you.

Hope this helps.

Add my vote

I certainly shall Pablo!

Yes - being able to view and edit in matrix/grid form all access permissions at once would be fantastic.


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