Rostering multiple services at one location

Hi Elvanto community,

I am currently in the process of migrating to Elvanto for a church with 4 services at one site.  We have 5 default orders of service we use during a month (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc) I am currently debating how to use Service types and would love to hear your feedback.

Do I 

a) Create multiple service types

e.g. 8am week 1, 8am week 2 ..., 10am week 1; so that we have 20 service types but allowing each to have a default order of service and customised departments


b) Create s single service type for each congregation

e.g. 8am, 10am ...; only 4 service types but doesn't allow for default order of service or customised departments.

Does anyone have experience or clever ideas they'd be willing to share?


Jim Douglass

Hi Jim

Thanks for the question.

There's a number of different ways you could do this.

If you're comfortable having 20 different types, this will allow for greater flexibility when it comes to assigning volunteers to particular service times, and allow for you to have the 5 different templates. This also has a number of other benefits when it comes to running reports that filter by service type.

Alternatively, if all your services run the same service order, you could create 5 different service types, and then simply have 4 different service times. This allows you to have a few number of service types, and it puts all the services on the Sunday under the one umbrella. This does mean though, that all services on the Sunday will have the same service plan. This also may cause some confusion for your volunteers, unless you create positions for each individual service, IE "Guitar 8AM", in case people don't use the "Assigned Time" when rostering people onto the different services.

The other option is of course to simply have a service type for the different times, and not save any service plans. This would limit the possible hassles from both of the options I've mentioned, but has it's own hassles in that you'd have to create the service plan from scratch each time.

Hope this helps,


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