Ability to import data without overwriting blank data when updating the database

Currently when doing a bulk import of people data into Elvanto, if there are records in the source file that contain blank fields, and that field is being imported into the Elvanto database, in the case where you are attempting to update existing people records where the field is populated, the current import process will overwrite the existing data and set the field blank again.

It would be great if there was a user-selectable option to chose how a blank source field is treated: a) to overwrite the database, or b) leave the existing data in the database.

For example,  if I have a database with these people:

Name, Phone Number

John Smith, (02) 9000-0001

Jane Smith, (02) 9000-0002

Fred Bloggs, [blank]

And then assume I have an updated text file with new phone numbers:

John Smith, (02) 9432-0342

Jane Smith, [blank]

Fred Bloggs, (02) 9000-0003

When I do the import, Jane Smith will lose her phone number because that the record for her phone number is empty in the text file. In this case, the solution would be to remove her record from the text file so it is not imported, however this is not feasible if her record had other fields that needed to be updated when doing the import.

If the option to handle blank source data was user-selectable, it would be possible to choose whether you want to preserve existing data, or if you wanted to treat the import source as the definitive source of correct information (and hence overwrite whatever is in Elvanto).

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sending this through! 

I can see how this would be a useful tool for an importing update. I'll be sure to pass your feedback and request on to the developers.

Have a great weekend,


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