Creating Rules to Link Departments to Groups

Hi there

We are coming into situations where there is a need for both a Department and a group for the same group of people.  As much as I have tried to avoid this there are legitimate situations that require both.

So I've been thinking would it be possible to have rules either at the Department or the Group level - actually both - to create flexibility where we can build like a People Flow rule that allows a certain function to happen when a change is made to a Department / Group.  Make the relationship more dynamic.

Here's 2 examples..

1. Worship Team - department exists for communication and rostering etc however for practice attendance a group is required.  It would be great if we could build a rule against the Department that every time a person is added / removed from the Department that the person is also added / removed from the Group.  We specify the Group..

2. Connect Group Leaders - Every connect group has a leader however the leaders also have to be a part of a group for the recording of attendance to their meetings.  It would be great if we could build a rule that says every time a person has the position of "leader" against the Group Category of Connect that they are also added to the Connect Group Leaders Group....

Not sure if I am the only one in this situation.

Throwing it out there.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

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Hi Kristy.

You certainly aren't the only person that has asked for this to happen.

I've added your support to this request as well.

Hope this helps.


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