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One of the features I really miss from using another worship planning tool is the ability to have custom templates for service printing. We used to be able to generate an order of worship that was suitable for a bulletin with just copy-and-paste by structuring the template properly. It would be great to be able to customize the full layout of a service print out (using html ideally).

Hi Matt

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Currently we do offer the ability to save a print preset for services.

If you view a service and press the Print Button on the top right corner, it will bring up the print screen which as an 'Add New Preset' button.

This allows you to generate a new preset to be used when printing services, and you can set it to generate either PDF or a Webpage for you to print from.

If there's anything in particular you would like to see added to this, feel free to let us know and we'll see what we can do. If you have any images that would definitely help our designers out too!



The issue we're trying to solve isn't with the content selection, it's with the formatting. Currently everything prints as a table. The goal would be to generate a print out that has an order of worship similar to a bulletin - formatted in a single column, with no times listed.

Hi Matt.

From what I can gather, what you'd ideally like is the ability to hide the times in the service plan, and the ability to print it as bullet points, or similar, instead of a table?

Not to suggest you steal a feature from a competitor, but we loved the way Planning Center handled templates for printing service information. It allowed an HTML template to be customized completely and included repeating regions for data from the service plan. A simple single column layout would work, but at a previous church we were able to print a service as a pdf and directly link to that report in InDesign for our bulletin.

Hi Matt.

I've passed these thoughts onto the developers.

Hi Stewart,

I have just been battling with exactly this, if I could 'second' this feature improvement that would be wonderful. Really struggling with having to currently do a separate service plan in a different program because we can't customise the output of the plan enough.

Here are some examples of features we'd really use:

- customisable 'general notes' section up the top of the service for information such as Preacher, MC, Series etc.

- having the information about items available in the item such as Key Name etc. Rather than having it all at the bottom and not in-place in the service plan. For example if the preacher is handing over to someone it would be great to have that information on the service plan rather than the preacher having to turn the sheet over and look at the bottom of the sheet.

- some thing really ideal would be to allocate a 'person' to an item on the service plan so that it doesn't need to be added through notes each time. as everything is connected to our church database it would be great to be able to allocate that said person is doing communion etc on that day and have it appear on the run sheet in place. or if not directly from the database, then perhaps through the rostered positions.

- being able to fully customise how it appears on the page

Thanks Stewart.

I echo all of these sentiments. It would also be great to have columns that could function as tech cues for sound/lights/slides. The best scenario would be to have the ability to add custom fields to service plan items and then pick which of those custom fields displayed in the printout, web view, live view, etc. If we had these fields we'd output two service plans from the same data.

Service Plan Output 1 - Order of Worship

This plan output would only include headers, item titles and people. Could possibly be used for a bulletin or program. It would generate lines like this:

Offering [Header]

Song Name [Title]       Soloist [Person]

Service Plan Output 2 - Tech Runsheet

This plan would output all of the information needed for production. With this sheet a producer could have all of the information needed to make sure things ran smoothly.

Offering [Header]

[TIME] Song Name [Title]   [KEY] / [ARRANGEMENT]   Soloist [Person]  [Light Cue] [Sound Cue] [Slide Cue]


Hi Emma and Matt

Hope your Easter was wonderful.

I have added all these thoughts to the request, and have added your support for the request Emma.

Hope this helps,


You got my vote on this

Certainly Pablo.

+1 for me

Hi Joel.

Certainly can add your support!


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