Members, Active, Contact, Archived and Billing

Hi Elvanto,

Can you clarify the difference between Members, Active, Contact, and Archived? Which category is counted for the billing plan?

My understanding was only Active people counted. but i just changed a few to Contact and it didn't seem to make any difference.

Thanks for a great system,

Hi Graeme.

Thanks for the post.

I just finished writing a help article on this, it should be published in a couple of days.

Members have what we call a 'Status' Field. This field can be one of four values. Either Active, Contact, Archived or Deceased. When you view a members profile, it will indicate if they are a contact with a blue 'Contact' bar. You can't view the profile of Archived and Deceased members, unless you reactivate them, but they will show up in people views with a red 'Archived' or red 'Deceased' bar. Below is an example of the different labels. 

To mark someone as either Archived, Deceased or a Contact, simply view their profile and select the relevant option from the sidebar.

The billing system looks at the 'Status' of the member, and on their Family Relationship. If a user is set to Contact, Archived or Deceased, they are no longer considered 'Active'. If their family relationship is not set to 'Child' they are considered an adult.

Here's a screenshot of an advanced search filter that you can use to find people that are being counted as 'Active Adults'

Hope this helps.


Just adding to this..although it is slightly unrelated.  If a person is reflected as Contact then should they be appearing in reports by default.. I would have thought that they should work closer to that of an Archived person than an Active person...

Chiming in on Kristy's point.. that would depend on how you view / use your contacts.  We certainly want them to appear by default and see them as closer to active than archived!  

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