Calendar I-Frame in email

We were trying to come out with ways to be proactive in getting the calendar to the people instead getting the people to the calendar, and I thought of taking the embeded code provided in the calendar as an Iframe and stick it in an email to send to the congregation. I don't know anything about code, but thougth I would give it a try. Turns out that the Archived Email shows it perfectly (see attached file) and you can click on the events and it gives you the info right there. However, when I received the email, it did not show me anything.

Is this a quick fix so we can send the calendar embeded in the email or is this just a code issue that is not solvable?



Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the post.

Sending iframes over email, is not possible. This isn't a limit that we have placed on the emails, but a global limit to all emails. 

The archived version simply shows the code that you entered into the email when you sent it, but not what was received. I'll talk to the developers and changing what the archived version shows to properly reflect what was sent.

My suggestion would be to send people a link to a page that has the calendar embedded into it, that way they can visit the page, or to simply ensure that they have the ability to visit the calendar when they log in.

Hope this helps,


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