Prayer Request Tracking

Has anyone made an attempt at tracking prayer requests in Elvanto?

I know we could do it in the notes section for each individual person, but it's not an ideal way to add them.

I'd love to see something where we could add them in bulk and attach them to an individual then create a report for all prayer requests added in a given period.

I doubt there is any functionality at all for this, but figured I'd check.

Hi Travis.

Thanks for the question.

A possible way of doing this without notes is to create a form with a form custom field of "Pray Request" and have the form add them to a people flow. You can then use this people flow to track the people that have requested prayer, and ensure that action is being taken to pass their request on. You can also then report on the people added into this people flow.

If you have any thoughts though on any other ways to do this, we'd be happy to look into them.

Hope this helps,


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