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Hi all

In the past I have used the demographic progressions for our sub-demographic of children so that they can progress through the age groups with minimal fuss.

Now that our other locations are getting further into using I have had to remove the process as it doesn't cater for different sub demographics across multiple locations.

Here is my scenario...for the children demographic. Children age group break up's

Location 1 

Age 1-4 and Kindy - Yr 5

Location 2

Age 1-4, Kindy - Yr 1 and Yr 2 - Yr6

Location 3 

Age 1-3, Kindy - Yr 2 and Yr3 - Yr6

Location 4

Age 2-5 and Age 6-11

As you can see I am unable to create sub-demographics with a rule that will allow us to use the demographic progressions.  I'll have to monitor each location separately and manually adjust.

My sub-demographics have just been updated to reflect Lower, Middle and Upper to provide flexibility to each location - this will allow us to continue to check children into rooms and get a clearer picture of attendance but as you can see I do have some problems....

Would appreciate some thoughts / suggestions and I'd also like to put forward my suggestion that some of these areas that have been set up with one rule need provide greater flexibility where multiple locations are concerned - if it is required.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy

Thanks for the post.

While having a single set of demographics is definitely the best things to do, it might be possible to get away with having 4 sets of demographics. If you set demographic progression up, according to the progressions that each location uses, you can then have 4 sets of "Child" demographics, and if using Demographic Progression, all children will be in the demographic that they would fit into for the different locations. This means that if the family visits another location, they can check in and the child will be checked into the correct room at the different location too!

Hopefully this helps visualise it a bit better.

(I hope the age/grades line up, if not adjust to suit)

Using demographics set up like the one above, a child that's 5 years old and in Prep, would be in Demographic 2, 4, 7 and 9. That way when they check into a service at location C, they'll be in the correct room, even if they normally go to location B, which has a different system.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart

Thank you for your response.

I can see exactly where you are heading but to be honest it still isn't "neat".  The problem is that under children there would be 10 sub demographics listed or it would be Children Loc 1, Loc 2, etc... with the sub demographics then listed - which in the scheme of things (if you look at the size of the box) is a huge amount.  It also requires each location to know which demographic to use across the other locations...just in case...

I totally get the need that some locations have people going to multiple locations and the need to be able to do that but there are also instances where due to distance that isn't a possibility.  And I think that is where flexibility is needed!

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Kristy

I would agree with you about it being a bit messy, but for now it's the neatest way I can think of to get it to work for the current system.

Hopefully this will get added in soon.



I know this feed is older now, but I'm just at this point with my Locations and Kids/Youth demographics too and messy number of demographics they're all included in and showing up in reports etc... 

I wondered - we now have an access permission to lock down Demographics (in Lockdown section) - so I was playing around with renaming my demos specific to our six  locations and creating Admin permissions locking down based on  those specific demographics. 

However, some other lockdown is obviously interfering and they all still show up. I think this would be a great solution, if I'm making sense. If I can make it work it may help others with this problem. 

Bottom line, in a nutshell - if we can hide certain location based demographics, then all each location has to filter through is their own.

What do you think? Email me separately if it's just an me thing. 


PS Stewart - I know you've answered this before and said it's not possible, but then in Lockdowns you can lock down demographics so I feel it's getting close....

Hi Jill

Can I just check where the different demographics are coming up? Are they appearing in a "Demographics" field in a report for users that are locked down to other demographics?

We're wanting to add a few more options for Demographic Progression though, and this is definitely something that we want to look into in the future.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart 

Even though permission locked down to specific demographic, when I log in I can still see, on a person's edit tab, ALL demographics.  Spent hours trialling different versions of lockdown but to no avail - I can see how it can work just can't make it work. 

You'll know that my kids/youth demographics are many, which is what attracted me to Kristy's comments in this forum. 

To recap, my demographics are currently shared over 6 Locations but each Location has a different age/grade level progression which means one child could show up in literally 10 different demographics which affect report viewing. 

So instead of Demos that look like this:

Kids - Brisbane Muchkins, North Munckhins, West Munchkins etc... 

Youth - Brisbane Youth, North Youth etc... 

I'm going to change to 

North Kids - Munchkins, Adventureland etc... 

Brisbane Kids - Munchkins, Adventureland etc...

West Kids  - Munchkins, Adventureland etc... 

Then I can lockdown the Location labelled demographic to a person. 

It will also work for some of our demographics that are nationality based, eg Afrikaans, Mandarin etc... so the rest of the Locations don't have to see them either. 

Hope this makes sense Stewart. 

As always, thanks for your help. 


Hi Jill.

I think the issue with the lockdown is that if the user has another access permission that isn't locked down, it will overwrite and they'll effectively have no lockdowns in place.

The new structure of the demographics definitely sounds a lot better though, and potentially more versatile, and as we look into the future updates for demographics that I mentioned above, it will hopefully work the best for them.


Hi Stewart

I'll keep trying then as I supposed this was the problem, but using my test case I've cut it down to one permission, the only permission and it still shows up all demographics. 

So not sure where the other lockdown is happening. 

Does that make sense? 

If you were to take ONLY that permission of locking down demographics and add very basic access permission to profiles you'll see ALL demographics still show up... unless I'm missing something.

I'll keep trying unless you can see something. 


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