UK phone number formats


I know how to change the phone number formats but none on the list are particularly UK friendly. Ideally, we would have:

Home number (London):

999 9999 9999  [i.e. 11 digits grouped 3, 4 & 4, no brackets]

Mobile number/Home number (non-London):

99999 999999 [i.e. 11 digits grouped 5 & 6, no brackets]

Any chance of adding these to the list?



Hi James

Thanks for the suggestion.

Definitely a possibility to add those to the list.

Would those formats include the international code, and what would they look like if they did?



We wouldn't want to include international codes to be honest. 

If we did, we would lose the first digit of the 11, which is always a zero. e.g.:

Home number (London): 020 1234 5678 > +44 20 1234 5678

Mobile number (anywhere in UK): 07123 456789 > +44 7123 456789

But as I said, we would rather just have the formats as listed in my first post. I think most people in the UK would want that too.


Hi James.

Thanks for that information.

It's always handy to know what different formats are used in different countries.

I've added this information to the request. 



Hi all.

As of release v2.1, we've added these formats in. They can be found under Settings > People > Format Phone and Mobile Numbers. 

Hope this helps,


Spot on thanks Stewart!

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