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Given that Elvanto's mapping capabilities are limited at this point we are using to generate maps that would help us in visualizing data. We would like to have the url of a person's detail available as an column in a people view. By doing this we can inport that url into batchgeo along with that persons address. When we create the map, then we can click on the url and it will take us directly to that person's Elvanto's detail (as long as we are signed in).


Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the post.

If you use the 'Member ID' field, you can use this to generate the url. If you export the people view as an excel or CSV file, you can add a column with the formula =CONCATENATE(<baseURL>,<Column ID is in>) 

The Base URL would be "https://<Your Church Domain>/admin/people/person/?id="

This will result in the URL of the persons profile which you can use in your software.

Regarding our mapping capabilities, we are wanting to expand on this, and any feedback regarding what you'd like to see would be incredibly helpful.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart,

I have implemented the profile link succesfully to my map. I was thinking of doing the same thing with the profile picture. Is there a way to get the url similarly to the profile url?



Concerning mapping, here is the way we see it. The main questions we are asking ourselves are:

With reference to people that have some contact with the church:

  • Where do our members live
  • Where do our members live that did not come last week, month, 6 months ago
  • Where do our visitors live
  • Where do our visitors live that came last week, month, 6 months ago, on a certain date or a certain month.
  • Where are our small groups with reference to our members, visitors.
  • Where are our members with reference to our visitors that came last week, month etc...
  • When looking at a profile: What small groups are close to this person?
  • When looking at a group: What visitors/members are close to this small group? That came last sunday, month etc...

We need some level of mapping with people that have contact with the church that would be simple for our people to use and that it would be within Elvanto so that we don't make it harder for the none savvy. 

With respect to the comunity (no contact with the church). The best sofware I have seen for this is Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth. They are really amazing at what they do. Being able to integreate with them would be best for evangelistic efforts.



Hi Pablo

At this stage, the only way to get these URLs in bulk is to perform an API call to retrieve this data. Performing an API call will also allow you to pull the other information as well, and depending on your level of programming expertise, can be used to generate the CSV files including all the data you are wanting.

Documentation on the API can be found here.


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