Searching for groups members who aren't leaders / assistant leaders

Hi elvanto brains trust, 

I feel like I've read something about this around the forums before, but couldn't find it on a quick search, so my apologies if this is old ground. 

Question: Is there an easy way to pull out all the people from a set of groups who are NOT the leaders / assistant leaders?  

Context: I'm doing a lot of wrangling of kids groups at the moment. The advanced search option "Groups > Is Leader / Assistant Leader of" is very helpful is some instances.  In other instances I basically want the reverse.  "Is Member of" seems to return everyone on the group list including leaders.  And the custom logic options don't include NOT.  

Any clues?

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Hi Anna

Thanks for the email.

You can perform a Group People Report, under Groups > Reports, and filter it to 'What People - Members'

This will then return a list of people that are not leaders or assistant leaders, although custom positions will still be returned.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart. 

That works (ie; returns everyone who isn't a leader/assistant leader).  A couple of follow up questions then:

- can I run the standard Group People report for a set of groups that I specify rather than whole group categories?

- can I turn the report results into a people list that I can then mass manage?

And, probably the key thing, 

- if the report choice of "What People - Members" responds like this, does that imply then that the People > View People > Advanced Search option "Groups > Is Member Of" should only return those in the group who aren't leaders / assistant leaders?  Because at the moment it's giving back the entire group list...

Thanks again for your speedy response.


Hi Anna.

At this stage you can only filter the groups by their status, Active/Archived, and by their category. It can't be filtered by the groups you specify. Unfortunately, you can not use this report to generate a people view to use mass manage on.

Regarding your last point, I'll have to talk to the developers about this. Originally the "Group People" report only had the "Leader/Member" options, mirroring the Advanced search filter. We only released the extra options for the Group People report earlier this year. At this stage they haven't added this functionality in, but they may decide to increase the filter options.

Hope this helps,


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