Adding availability, not just unavailability

Can volunteers add dates they are available for? Or is just dates they are unavailable for? Eg if a worship leader wants to say they can only do one date in May and one date in July... Do they have to go through every service saying unavailable for each one? Or is there a quicker way? Thanks in advance

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Hi James.

At this stage Volunteers can only specify if they are unavailable. If they are going to be only available for a single date in June they will have to specify the dates they are unavailable.

If they are rostered onto a service they haven't submitted their availability for they can always decline the position, if this has been enabled in your account.

Hope this helps,


Yes, it would be incredibly helpful for my small church to use Availability instead of Unavailability! I think entering Availability is the best for small churches where they have a limited number of people who can volunteer and who are also involved in multiple areas and who at times may also be unavailable more often then they are available.  Entering Availability means a higher level of commitment to those "Available" dates and also gives more of a sense of volunteering rather than being expected to serve at any time unless they say otherwise (almost as employees).  Also, when someone enters "Available", schedulers know for certain that the volunteer entered their info completely for a time-period and that they did not forgot to enter their Unavailability.

Will Elvanto be considering an Availability method in the future?

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