Admin fields in forms

We often use forms for people to register for events. Is there a way to have some admin fields associated with forms - fields (for just the form, not for the person generally) that we can update after the person has submitted form?

The idea being that we can track when people have paid. Currently this requires us to either: a) export submissions and track on spreadsheet, or b) create field in form and mark as admin only, but this is seen by the person filling in the form and potentially they could still enter details into this field and cause confusion.


Hi Rodney

Thanks for the post.

Currently the best way to perform this would be to set the form to require admin approval for the submission. You can then have the Administrators approve the submissions upon payment. We are looking into upgrading our Event Registration system, so that payments can then be handled within the form itself, which will streamline the event registration process entirely. We will be including a system to handle Cash payments for event registrations as well in this update.

With that in mind, there could indeed be other times where an 'Admin Only' field for other fields could definitely be useful, and I've added a feature request for this.

Hope this helps,


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