More Service Details in Roster Printouts and Reminder Emails


Is it possible to include more service details in the roster emails and also in the multiple week roster printouts?

For example, I'd like to let the Bible readers know what the passages are in the initial and reminder roster emails, and also when creating a PDF for multiple services in the Volunteer Calendar view.

Currently, if someone finds out they are on a Bible reading, either I have manually include the bible passages in an email, or they have to log in and hunt around the services view to find the Bible passage (which is not easy for some of our less techy people. I think I'd end up having to enter Bible passages into our service plan, and then manually email those passages around, and then manually update the Volunteer Calendar to include the Bible passages to print off to give to those without internet access).

It'd be much easier for them if the email could let them know those extra details. Maybe but a Bible passages field in the service details (as I think others have suggested) or a short code could be used that includes the service plan (or attaches it as a PDF).

Likewise, including extra details on the Volunteer Calendar printout would help with the above problem.


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Hi Gus

Thanks for the question.

If you use the Edit Multiple Services window to Print the services, you can specify that you want to print out the Service Plan, and include the notes for both the Service, and the individual services. You can also print out the volunteers for the services as well.

I've submitted a feature request to allow you to include the service notes when sending the Contact Volunteers emails though.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the reply Stewart,

Regarding the first point; I think I can only print the service notes on the "Each Service on an Individual Page" option, whereas I'm trying to make a single A4 printout roster to give to people so they can quickly see when they are on for the next few months, and see relevant details like Bible Readings at a glance.

That's why it'd be helpful to be able to include extra notes/details in the "Volunteer calendar (dates vertical)" print template.



Hi Gus.

You certainly are correct. 

I've also added a feature request to have 'Service Notes' added to the Volunteer Calendar option when printing the services. 

Hope this helps,


Is there any work being done on creating a field for bible readings?  Something similar to songs but for bible readings would be awesome, perhaps linked to Bible Gateway or whatever so they could be looked up.  Like Gus, I would love to include readings on our Volunteer calendar, but i would also like a neater way of including them in the service plan.  With our first Elvanto roster coming out (we have just crossed over to it) I know this will be an issue for us getting buy in.

Hi Elvanto Devs

Any update on this feature request? Is it something that is on the roadmap? I believe I put in a feature request for something like this a while ago:

It would really save us lots of time as currently someone has to remember to manually confirm the Bible readings with the readers each week.

Regards, Kevin

I would definitely like to see this too, but expanded beyond just Bible readings... it would be extremely helpful to be able to include some quick information in the reminder emails.

We desperately need something like this. But I agree with Sam above, being able to give details or instructions to ANY rostered position automatically would be a great help. 

I would like to see a "Description" or "Details" field added under the Volunteer section of the Services. This way we can customize what information we want to tell each Volunteer that is pertinent to their position and it could change weekly. We could also have a "default" description that we could input on the Service Template for those positions.. Then, the rostering emails could pull the information from there.

Most of our volunteers are not willing to login and look at the plan in Elvanto. Communication of pertinent details in the email is highly needed. 


As a service leader I would find this feature very useful too!

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