Applying Changes to Service Types

Is there a way to, after modifying a service type, apply those changes to all existing services of that type?

For example, I have a service type called "Sunday Morning - First Service" where I have an arrival time for our media operator in the "Other Times" section.  We decided to modify that arrival time.  But we already have a few months of services in place.  I modified the service type to reflect the changes that we want.  But as far as I can tell, the only way to modify the existing services is to manually edit each one of them.  It'd be much easier to just tell it Elvanto to apply changes to all existing services that were setup using the "Sunday Morning - First Service" service type.


Hi Travis.

Currently this isn't possible. 

I've submitted a feature request for this though.

For changes to the service plan, there is the 'Apply changes to future services' but this does not affect the 'Other Times' section of the service.

Hope this helps,


Isn't there an ability to "Apply template changes to future services" if the changes are being made to the service plan template within the Service Type future services attached to that template can be updated.  I have used this a few times.

You can change historical only future.

Could have the request wrong...


Hi Kristy

As you mentioned, you can use the 'Apply template changes to future services' which updates the service plans, but other details such as 'Service Times' are not affected.


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