What controls who can see custom people fields

I have a volunteer coordinator who sees different custom people fields when she looks at a person's profile.  She also can't access certain fields when she's trying to run a report. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Josh,

Just got back to the email you sent through regarding this. 

Let me know those details and we'll go from there,


Can I ask something that sort of relates to this... Custom fields we can control what Access Permissions can see them however Custom Headings cannot be hidden from view.  This means that everyone sees headings irrespective of access although some of the fields are hidden below those headings if they are not relevant to those people...

Would be good to be able to hide headings also....

And also control access permissions for delivered fields.



Hi Kristy,

Good thinking. For consistency purposes we may need to allow these to be restricted these as well. I'll pass this on to be considered in an upcoming update.



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