Set maximum rostering frequency?

Hi Elvanto,

Is there a way to set a maximum for how often a person is rostered on?

Say a person was happy to play bass at any of the 3 services, but only wanted to play once a month. How would we do that?

At the moment they would be in each of the three service team and could be on each week unless we checked manually.

Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the question.

At this moment in the time this is not possible. There is a feature request to have a similar feature included in the Auto-Schedule feature though.

I've added your support to this.

Hope this helps,


Can I please add my vote to this.  And to take it one step further to have flexibility to take the available frequency to the service type level.  It would also need to have a different unavailable note so that it is clear.  One I have seen on PCO is "Not Preferred" as it indicates that they have reached their number of rostered services / service types for that period.


You most certainly can add your support Kristy!

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