Form Builder Complexity

It seems to me that it would be useful for the form builder to have a little more logic involved.

I was thinking of a rule section that integrates fields, allows for field relationships like hiding fields based on other field inputs and such. For example, Lets suppose that your church has 4 ministries: Worship, Hospitality, Children, and Operations.  Then each of those ministries has several involved parts, Worship has Projector, Band, Sound, Lights; Hospitality has Cafe, Connect, Ushering; Children have one class per grade with a teacher and a helper in each; and Operations has Parking, Set-up/Tear-down, etc.  Now lets suppose that your church has more than one service and not every sub-ministry functions for every service.

It would be useful to have a way to filter/show/hide questions or options based on previous responses. So, I try to make a form for an upcoming Volunteer Drive.  For that drive, everyone who is willing to serve is given a link to the form.  I would ask them first "What service would you like to serve at?" then "What ministry do you want to serve in?" then "What subministries would you be willing to serve in? (select all that apply)".   It would be amazing to be able to filter out combinations of those answers that are impossible, for example, if you want to serve at the Saturday night service, we don't have any Children's ministry, so if you select that service to serve at, you will not be able to select "childrens" for the second question...

Does that make sense? What do you all think? Just be able to write in some conditional statements to write those options out... I mean it would be easier if you could have custom field keys (instead of the 32 digit field id's that are auto generated).. Then you say if field: service equals "Saturday Night", then for field: ministry show "Worship", "Hospitality", and "Operations", hide "Childrens".

Any thoughts? I know it is possible, I have seen it done, I just don't know the code to make it work.

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Hi Malone.

Thanks for the post.

I've merged your other post into this post.

We would definitely like to add more complexity to our forms system, with pages etc, similar to other form systems. It is, however, not exactly simple to code for the developers! We've started on this with V2, with the option for embedding forms using Javascript instead of just an Iframe, as well as the option to have 2 column rows in the form. They're not massive additions, but we were able to get them done for V2. The other additions to forms will come in time.

Hope this helps,


I'm happy to read what Stewart told Malone here. As we make plans to move into Elvanto at our church, we would like to replace some web page forms built from WordPress plugins that have "conditional logic. " Sections of forms can be displayed or hidden based on choices made on the form, and the resulting submission can be emailed to different recipients based on selections made. Since the Elvanto forms can already be connected to data in the database, it would be great for our productivity to see these capabilities soon in Elvanto forms.

Hi Bill

We'd definitely like to work on Conditional logic as you said. It's a feature that would definitely help improve our forms.

I've added your support for this request.

Hope this helps,


I want to throw my vote behind this as well. It would be great to be able to have conditional logic based on selections so the form knows who to send the data to. For example, if I have a volunteer interest form if someone says they want to join the worship team I'd want the system to send an email to the worship pastor, etc. 

I third the motion. If the form has a question with 5 possible answers, we want to be able to launch automation based on their selection, rather than only having the option for automation on submission of the entire form. Thanks!

This feature would be awesome! We are using Gravity Forms in Wordpress... and could replace this plugin with Elvanto completely. But I also know that it is a lot of work to build conditional forms... ;-)

I'd also like to replace our Google forms by populating the data to Elvanto.

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