V2 Beta - admin vs member area

Since they are not bugs I'm feeding two things back:

  1. For group leaders they find it very difficult to manage that there is a member area and an admin area. It is not intuitive. Now the link to this is hidden, it will be that much harder to get them to intuitively engage with it. A large icon with text would be very helpful for those who have access privileges to the admin area.
  2. It is very positive that the notifications carry across member / admin area

Thanks for that Randle.

I've forwarded these on to the developers.

One thing you may not have noticed, is the ability to have a different colour scheme, logo, and headers for the Admin area and the Member are. It will help make it a bit more obvious what are your members are in.

Hope this helps,


One of the things I was expecting to see in version 2 is the doing away with the two different portals whatsoever.   Why does it still exist?  It seems you guys do a great job with permissions access why can't people see what they are allowed to see when they log into the account?

One of the best things about elvanto is that it is user friendly even for the non-database oriented people, this seems like an obvious next step to continue to be the best in the user friendly department

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your reply! From day one we have put an emphasis on Elvanto being more than just an administrative backend. 

The Member Area is utilized for communicating with your church, a public calendar, for volunteers (especially those without admin privileges) to view their roster, access songs and submit unavailability. The Admin Area is more of the behind the scenes workings for those more administrative users.

We’ve found from other databases in the past they try merge the two together which can make the interface over-complicated. We aim to keep things simple.

We plan to expand on the Member Area over time to allow non-administrative members to interact with groups, make it more interactive to non-administrative volunteers and we have plenty more up our sleeve.

Hopefully that makes sense! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions!


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