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Not sure if this has been voiced before??

The ability to have a chat w/notifications within a group could be a fantastic feature for collaborative discussion. I typically use slack but getting people to sign up for an extra service just wont happen. I am aware of the "Notes" function however this is different.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for the post!

Slack is an interesting tool to have used! 

We are looking into developing the member area a bit more, and give the member area a few new features, including a few possible integrations with some other companies that have some pre-exisiting "social" systems for churches. 

Hope this helps,


id like to add my voice to this too. This would really lift up the usefulness of elvanto as a "living" system which is used by more than just management. If we could have groups with a forum/discussion area it would be fantastic.


I think The Table would be a great tool to add to Elvanto. I agree that Elvanto is an excelent administrative tool. However, at some point the administive side and the "social" side have to mix to some level, and idealy not add more administrative work to the leadership. I think this is where The Table can work very well. And it is free to churches.

I've been searching the documentation and forums to find out if this was something you could do. We currently use 3 systems for church management (Sunergo - database, The City - group management, Planning Center - volunteer scheduling). Elvanto seems to check all these boxes except for a way for group members to communicate with each other (outside of commenting on Admin posts). 

Wondering if you guys have looked into this any further and if there are plans for this kind of functionality.


Hi Andy,

We haven't looked into this in a whole lot of detail yet but we've had some brief discussions about some more member facing groups in the future.

Keep an eye out as we look into this.


Speaking of Slack, anyway to get an integration into that platform? We use Slack for our leadership team and it's been amazing in helping us stay on point. Elvanto integration would take to a whole 'nother level! :) 

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the email.

We'd like to look into it at some point in time. Slack's one of those platforms where it's a little tricky to figure out exactly HOW any integration should look.

In the mean time though, this particular slack bot was released by a customer a while ago that would allow you to search for people within Slack. 

Here is another bot that we recently started using -

It checks Elvanto every 15 minutes and if a person's profile has changed, sends a message to slack.

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