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I'm working on an initial roll-out at my church - we are starting with our youth ministry and assuming all goes well, looking to expand out to the whole church.

Im wondering if there is a way to use access permissions/lockdowns to change who is able to view/do check ins for different services. In particular, I would like to have regular church services and youth services entered in Elvanto and only allow kids workers to do check in for church services and only allow youth workers to do check in for youth services.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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I actually just realised it would be awesome to be able to report in a similar fashion; youth services separate to Sunday services.

Hi Singe,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this!

Unfortunately you're not able to restrict check in to certain service types, but I've put this forward as a feature request with the developers. I can see how this might be a helpful addition for situations like these!

Hope this helps you,


I was wondering if there was any movement on this?

Basically the ability to have some more granular permissions around services would be particularly useful, especially for other activities (Youth, children,etc) that work well with the planning and roster features that come along with creating "services".

Yeah, we'd still like to be able to do this too! The solution for non-group based attendance is always going to be a service; since this post 11 months ago, we now uses services for Sundays, Youth nights, Young Adults lounge nights, and Playgroups twice a week. 

Having more control over services in this way would be awesome!

(on the other hand, we're still loving Elvanto!!!)

I had come to that conclusion re: services.

Our goal is that we would have three Sunday service, two play groups and two youth groups all making use of a different service type, in such a way that youth leaders can use it for planning/collaboration without them being able to accidentally stuff up things like Sunday services.

Yes I would love this also...

But  you know that I would like the ability to further restrict access across more areas than simply services.

I know it is big (humongous) but a re-look at security would be great as each church is uniquely set up and I believe that flexibility is key to being able to suit the individual needs while ensuring people can only see what they should!


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