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Hi all

I know I have mentioned this to Elvanto directly in the past and a number of changes have been made but thought I'd put it out there to the wider group to see if anyone else would find this of value.

With emails I love how you can now view the email sent in the activity but it would be great if we could take it a little further..

- when emailing from Outlook for example, we have the ability to select certain options - "Read receipt" or "delivered receipt".  I know that Elvanto will send an email to the sender should an email address fail but it would also be good to be able to request a "read receipt".

- currently the archiving in Elvanto will send copies of all email sent to one address.  What would be a better option is for the copies to be sent to the sender of the email.  

- For us we don't allow every access permission to view emails that have been sent in the activity area as that would create a duty of care.. Would an option be to create the ability to limit what emails they can see?? Or maybe have the ability to flag at the email level whether it can be seen by certain groups of people....

Like I said I don't know if I am the only person who would value from this.

Would love to hear others thoughts.

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Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the post.

I've gone through and made sure all these are feature requests in the system for you. If anyone else would like to, feel free to add your support to these requests.

Hope this helps,


I'd love to see this functionality too. 

This came up in a leaders meeting recently. 

We would love to be able to see the click through rates too if possible, to see how effectively our emailed reports are. 

For example, to know percentage, or quantity of scheduled report emails that are opened, and the report is viewed. Then we can see what areas are effective, which reports are overkill, and how we can better inform people. 

At the moment, it feels like we are sending emails into the ether, and hoping someone reads them. :) 

That would be really helpful!

Hi Brendon.

I've gone and added your support to this request.


We have had the same requests made to us, so count my vote on this please.

One thing we've asked about in the past is tracking via the Mandrill API. Tracking of email opens, link clicks, etc should all be possible via the mailing API. It would be really useful to have this sort of tracking and report capability.

Hi Matt!

It's definitely possible via the API, the only issue at this stage is that it would either require an API key for each account (very difficult to do and requires a lot of manual work) or to create sub-accounts in Mandrill for each account. (Easier, and what we'll likely end up doing)

It's on our list of things to do when we get time, it's just a case of finding the time at this point!

Hope this helps,



Yes it will be a good functionality to send a copy to the sender (with the list of recipient) or the ability to a user to view only own mail or SMS.

At this time I hope I can do that with Mail parser to forward the copy from the archive email.



We really need to be able to see emails that are sent from Elvanto (and who they are sent to). Without that, there is no way to enforce accountability for what is sent out to our members by our staff. This functionality was requested over 2 years ago (on another post) and I can't believe there has been no progress on this front.

Hi Scott

If you're just wanting to see which emails you have sent, you can do this under People > Reports > People Activity Report and selecting the "Emails Sent" option. We've looked into how to track the open/click rates and while it is possible it is an incredibly large undertaking that we haven't been able to perform yet. 

Hope this helps,


I created a solution with Zapier: Hope this helps. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a gmail address for example:
  2. Set this new email archive address in admin:
  3. Create a free account on with your new gmail address
  4. Create a new Zap

  5. Select accounts

  6. Create filters

  7. Create reply email settings

  8. Then test this zap

  9. and name this zap and turn on.

Dominique Marguerat

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