Add People

Hi, Got a couple of questions about restricting people ability to add people:

1. Is there a way to restrict the people categories that a person can add someone to? i.e. Youth leaders can only add people to the 'Youth Category'?

2. Is there a way to remove the 'Volunteering' sections from the add new person screen? My users don't have access to edit this section for a person but they can, for instance, assign a person to a department when adding a new person?


Hi Singe

Thanks for the question.

Currently, when adding people, the users will have the ability to add people to any people category that they can see. The only way to restrict the youth leaders to only adding into the Youth Category, would be to restrict their access to people, to the people categories you want them to be able to add people to. 

This will then prevent them from seeing, or adding people to other people categories.

Currently you can not remove the 'Volunteering' section from the form.

Hope this helps,


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