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I've been trying to run reports that identify new people without trying to code them a certain way when they attend for the first time. Since we put in their activity - attendance - how do you find a first or second or third time attender within a certain time frame. Also, I'd love to be able to put Date last Attended on a report - but can't find that field.



P.S.  I looked at beta and couldn't find any new options on search criteria for attendance. I wanted to use attended after a dater and has not attended before a date, but the later option was not there.

I'm sure I'm missing this easy and much needed feature... thanks

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Hi Don,

Thanks for the email.

Currently is no field for 'Date Last Attended' or an easy way to automatically generate a list of first time attenders. There is a feature request for a better 'First Time Attendees' system, and I've added your support to this request.

However, if these individuals are only being added into the system when they attend for the first time, you can use the 'Date Added' filter, and build a report based on this. 

Regarding the Search Criteria, they're definitely still there for an advanced search. 

Hope this helps,


I'm a bit puzzled that one of the most valuable aspects of church attendance - those who attend a 2nd time - can't easily be identified with Elvanto. The data is in there. Is there a way to get that info out and into a spreadsheet or something since your system won't tell us this. I've been trying to get this for 7 months now. I tried to run a report, but attendance dates are not something it will put into a report. So, how do we get this data out since there is no filter that shows attended 2 or more times in a date range and did not attend prior to a date.


Don McKenzie

I want to throw support behind this request. Visitor follow up is one of the most important pieces of assimilation. Here's what I'm looking for... Return a list of all [people/contacts/members/etc] who were present [on this date.../in the last X days/at the last "select service type"/] and have attended [X times] [in the last X days/between Date A and Date B] For example, the statement could read like this: The statement would sound something like this… "Return a list of all contacts who were present at the last Sunday Service, and have attended two times between January 1, 2000 and February 22, 2016" Like Don, I'm surprised this kind of functionality doesn't exist yet. :)

Hi Jay.

For that you might want to check the "Service Individual Attendance" report under Services > Reports. It doesn't have the "Date last attended" display field that Don's mentioning (and since his last comment there's been a few more additions to the report) 

Hope this helps,


Like the idea about using date added and then attendance.  What our church has is a list of attendees for the last three weeks (reviewed each week by the pastoral care team) but it also includes number of weeks since last attended for those who have missed >=1 week; I could satisfy this requirement if I could have a "last attended service" in the same way that we can generate a report for "last login date".  Thanks

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