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Hi there,

We are looking at ways of using group events to help run our City Groups (community groups). One feature of City Group life having a meal together on the evening we meet, however, not everybody wants to, or can always come along to that part of the evening and we currently rely on people responding to a group email to work out who's coming and can contribute something.

I know that Elvanto allows using forms and third party forms to gather data for an event, but it would be so much easier if we could achieve this all with Elvanto via the 'invite' feature for a group event. This would save our group leaders learning how to set up forms or use another service and also save our users clicking through to another service to answer questions - and provide information that wouldn't then appear on the attendance page for an event.

Would it be possible to include a really simple voting button feature for event invitations - Just so we (group leaders) could pose simple yes/no questions (or pick form a simple drop-down) like:

Are you coming for the meal?

Can you bring X? (dropdown or yes/no followed by text box)

With the answers shown on the attendance page, other can be better informed too (presumably, along with the option to allow only the group leader to see the answers to some questions?)

For other events, too, we could ask if somebody is bringing a friend etc etc

We would then be able to set this as a template for all our groups to use and it would make things very much easier for our leaders and the features they need to learn.


Hi Alastair

Thanks for the post.

Have you looked into using a form for event registration? This will allow you to take these submissions, and you can then export the submissions as a CSV file, and see how many people said yes/no to your various questions.

This article has instructions on how to add a form for event registration.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have looked at using forms for event sign up but unfortunately, that method isn't suitable for what I would like to be able to do and would, I fear, introduce an unwelcome admin/training headache for limited benefit.

I can imagine that using an Elvanto forms for less regular events, where a number of pieces of information are being collected would potentially work. For us, that would be something like our annual Weekend Away. Although having said that, without the ability to sign up other members of your family, it's usefulness for this is considerably reduced.

To use an Elvanto form for what I am describing, would not be that straightforward to implement: It would require extra (otherwise unnecessary) admin level training for our Group Leaders, yet also not be able to provide additional information to other group members or reduce the need to fall back to group email to organise the event (which is critical to get maximum buy-in for system users).

By adding the functionality that I've described, I can envisage group leader, with very little or no extra training, being able to use the current 'create and event' form that Elvanto already provides to gather simple, extra pieces of information form event attendees and have that information displayed in the attendance page for the event. We would be using this for multiple groups on several occasions each month and I can't imagine many group leaders being persuaded that the current way is worth doing.

It seems that the current system already has much of the functionality in place as it already has a yes/no response button for attendance and the attendance pages is already laid out in such a way that would lend itself very well to an additional column or two?

Apologies for appearing to talk-down the option as it currently stands - I just think what I am suggesting is a lot better(!) The current method also, unfortunately, makes the job of getting our people to use Elvanto for Group and Event organising that little bit more difficult, which inevitably results in people returning to organising by email, and ultimately lessens the impact Elvanto for church life.

Many thanks again for your hard work and the progress with V2!


Hi Alastair

Thanks for the reply. 

Don't feel bad about the feedback. If we don't get feedback we can't make the system better. Sure, we can't implement every idea that we get, but if we don't get any ideas, we can't implement any!

From what I gather from your feedback, I think the easiest way for this to be implemented would be to combine the form creation, into the event registration, so that when a user creates an event they can also create the registration form at the same time. This way, you get the functionality of the form, and your volunteers then shouldn't need training in a completely separate area, as it's all in the one place.

For example:

  • Create event
  • Specify Event Details (Same as current)
  • Have a new section for Simple/Advanced Registration
  • Simple registration > Just a Yes/No for if they're attending. (Current non-form way)
  • Advanced Registration > Allows users to add extra Yes/No fields, and other required information. (Similar to forms, but within the event window)

I've passed this idea onto the developers.

Hope this helps,

Thanks again for this Stewart,

What you've described sounds great and would be a vast improvement.

Additionally, specifying whether the advanced responses appear on the event attendance page would be ideal.



I like this idea a lot. Count me in

Hi Pablo.

I've added your support to this request.


Yes please. me too.

Certainly Kristy!

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