Printing a person's profile


Is there any relatively easy way to print out a person's profile?

I would like to be able to hand a person a printed sheet with their profile information as we have it, including blank spaces where information is needed, in order for them to check that the information we have is correct and fill in any missing pieces. This is more for those who are not computer-literate or who cannot update their own details online for whatever reason.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Thanks for the question.

If you perform an advanced search to find the specific people that you're wanting to check up on. You can then use the 'Contact People' option, and select the 'Send a Letter' option. You can then write a letter, and using placeholders, customize it to show the information relevant for the individuals profile.

The only downside to this, is that you will need to make sure that the individuals have a mailing or home address stored in the system to be able to print a letter for them. You can always enter a temporary value for this, that they can then correct when filling the form in.

This article has more information about using placeholders. 

If you're wanting to format it nicely, you can always use a HTML Table Generator, such as from this website, and paste the HTML it gives you into the 'Source' area for editing the letter. (Make sure to select the 'Do not generate CSS' option.)

Hope this helps,


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